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SolaRoad Global AI Supercomputing Supply Platform - Supercomputing Matrix Helps AIGC's Future Development
2023-04-17 20:30:00

Recently, ChatGPT has been burning out of the circle, and the enthusiasm of the market for AI has been rapidly ignited, and the fire has been burned all the way to the field of server, which is the computing power infrastructure, and the related server enterprises have been widely concerned by all walks of life.

Recently, SolaRoad, as a dark horse in the AI computing track, was asked by investors on the interactive platform about the current progress in the field of servers as computing infrastructure. Investors noted that SolaRoad has now officially opened its arithmetic leasing service to the market, and technical experts from SolaDigital Foundation and HPE, the initiator, are also deeply involved in it.

SolaRoad responded that the platform has now laid out the arithmetic server leasing business, and the current arithmetic products are mainly used in AIGC, data center, edge computing and other fields , covering global blockchain users, mutual network association customers, operators and other customers. In terms of super arithmetic, SolaRoad's arithmetic server leasing has been applied in various fields.

In addition, investors are concerned about whether SolaRoad Arithmetic Server can be applied in the latest AI field. SolaRoad officials say that AI requires big data, big models, high arithmetic power, and higher requirements for arithmetic infrastructure - for arithmetic speed. solaRoad's server products are mainly used for AIGC, 5G, data center, edge computing, etc. Meanwhile, SolaRoad's arithmetic servers are characterized by high quality, high reliability and low loss, so they can better support applications with high arithmetic demand for AI.

Regarding the competitive advantages of its servers in the market, SolaDigital Foundation points out that the platform's arithmetic server products mainly have the following advantages: first, based on high-quality server products, it can provide customers with a highly reliable arithmetic server supply platform; second, based on SolaRoad's global arithmetic supply system, it can make full use of the latest semiconductor devices to achieve low-carbon arithmetic service design The second advantage is that, based on SolaRoad's global computing power supply system, it can make full use of the latest semiconductor devices to achieve low-carbon computing service design and take advantage of supercomputing performance.

It is understood that SolaRoad global AI supercomputing supply platform has been officially launched recently, and SolaRoad has incomparable innate advantages compared with traditional computing power distribution centers. SolaRoad takes full advantage of the resources from SolaDigital Foundation and HPE America to integrate the layout from a global perspective, optimize the allocation of computing power resources, and improve the efficiency of computing power use.

As investors have noticed, SolaRoad has only been in the market for one year, but it has already become a close partner of various technology giants in supercomputing servers, which precisely shows that SolaRoad's business meets the market gap for computing power, and with the continuous expansion of its business in the future, SolaRoad's business and its ecological equity pass SOD will have huge upside space!