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The king of computing power set off in glory, SolaRoad global AI supercomputing supply platform was officially launched on April 6
2023-04-06 18:17:16

At present, the computing power trend is coming. When many people are still lamenting that they have missed a great investment opportunity, the Solarroad team has a keen insight into the new blue ocean of business, focusing on the research and application development of distributed AI computing power network technology, and upgrading the computing power trend. Create a super investment storm for the industry , share the dividends of the era of computing power with users, and another trillion-level market in the industry is about to be born.

According to official news, the Solarroad global AI supercomputing supply platform was officially launched at 15:00 04.06.2023 (UTC+8) . Solarroad focuses on creating an epoch-making supercomputing ecosystem , aiming to build a decentralized AI computing power system that integrates digital intelligence, serves global AI companies and digital economy companies , and provides multi-centralization for clients, Web3 organizations, and enterprise users. Supercomputing computing power rental service , providing the most advanced productivity for industries such as Ai artificial intelligence, smart Internet, and Metaverse.

The vision of SolaRoad is to create a HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network, through distributed computing power clusters and Ai artificial intelligence engine, to more efficiently achieve exponential scale growth of current supercomputing center clusters, reduce computing costs and increase commercial value.

Currently, SolaRoad has established AI supercomputing service centers in Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand in Asia. In the future, it will gradually establish supercomputing service centers in North America and Europe, radiating the world from point to area. It plans to build supercomputing service clusters in 20 countries around the world within 2 years , to help promote the development of new production methods and landing applications of artificial intelligence.

With the continuous enrichment of the SolaRoad public chain ecology, not only GPU floating computing is required, but also CPU general computing is required, so the demand for commercial computing power will become increasingly important. Under the fourth industrial revolution , AI computing power is as valuable as the electricity of the third industrial revolution, and SolaRoad nodes will continue to enjoy the dividends of platform development.

It is foreseeable that AI computing power will be a trillion-dollar industry in the next ten years, and Solarroad , as a global AI supercomputing supply platform, hopes to become the most professional and largest in the global AI computing power field in the next few years And a service platform for full ecological applications. To accomplish this goal, the scale of Solarroad 's infrastructure construction will also be trillions. Once this scale is reached, Solarroad's deflationary Token value will be unparalleled.

Plow the darkness and carve the light. The Solarroad team has been deeply involved in computing power and the blockchain industry for many years, and has unique insights into the ecological construction of AI computing power networks. This time, the impact of the launch of the Solarroad global AI supercomputing supply platform will also be comprehensive: The Solarroad computing power ecosystem is officially launched; It is possible for the AI computing power network to be applied in multiple scenarios; the global consensus continues to increase... At that time, the scale of Solarroad 's infrastructure construction will also be trillions, laying the foundation for another industrial revolution and civilization leap in human society The solid foundation of AI computing power guides the world to create a space field of the surreal world.